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The farm rears traditional Highland and Hereford cattle, Berkshire pigs, and Hill Radnor sheep outside at 1500ft in the Clun Hills. The animals also extensively graze the adjacent Rhos Fiddle Nature Reserve, owned by the Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

These are slow-growing breeds, because of this, the taste is superb.

Hereford Cow

Hereford Cattle

The Hereford cattle breed is a British breed of beef cattle that originated in the county of Herefordshire, in the West Midlands of England and is very docile and easily managed.

Highland Cattle

The Highland is a Scottish breed of rustic cattle. They are raised primarily for their meat, which is growing in popularity due to being lower in cholesterol than other forms of beef. These cattle are a hardy breed, designed to withstand the conditions in the Scottish Highlands

Highland Cow
Organic Pork

Berkshire Pig

Our pigs are kept outside for their whole life, contained by a pulse electric fence. They have free access to insulated arks with plenty of straw, freshwater, and the freedom to root through the soil; just what pigs love to do.
Our pedigree Berkshire pigs are an all-black breed with white feet, a white blaze on the face, and a white tip to the tail. They have a great personality, very good temperament, and good mothering qualities which make them ideal for rearing piglets outside.

Hill Radnor Sheep

The Hill Radnor is a native hill breed from the Welsh and English border shires of Radnor, Hereford, Monmouth, and Brecon - now classed as a rare breed.

Sheep Farm
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