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Care Farming for People. Education. Children. Adult.


Our farm is very dynamic with many opportunities available to people on holiday, schools, hospitals, students, farmers, individuals, or groups. 

At Brynmawr we help them realize their full potential through care farming, whatever disadvantages life has thrown at them. We believe that engaging with and caring for animals, tending to plants and vegetables, and performing simple productive tasks can help an individual to address their emotional, social, and educational needs, grow, and learn through farm activities.

This applies to all children and adults, whether they have mental health issues, difficulty remaining in school, or other life problems. Older children and adults will also gain from basic work experience and all will develop some practical skills.

Brynmawr became organic in 2003, this has resulted in a farm rich in wildlife, flora, and fauna providing a healthy natural environment.
Many children benefit and prefer a practical element to their learning. Research has shown that practical outdoor activities could help gain concentration, learning, confidence, self-esteem, self-awareness, social skills, communication, movement, and coordination amongst many other life skills.

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