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     We are a mixed organic hill farm with Highland and Hereford cattle, Hill Radnor sheep, and Berkshire Pigs, ducks, chickens, quail and guinea pigs. We also have raised beds, and polytunnel, etc. We manage two nature reserves and are also part of a Stewardship Scheme. We have a straw-bale education center with composting toilet, where we have school group visits and run courses.
    We have been organic since 2003 and this has resulted in a farm rich in wildlife, flora and fauna providing a working sustainable living. We have an over whelming desire:
• to show what can and should be done to farm for food and the environment together;
• to use the farm to help children connect with food, farming and the countryside and aid children’s learning in where their food comes from; and
• to use the huge resource to reinforce learning on the farm site in the school curriculum at all the key learning stages.
  There is an Eco-cottage, Shepherd Huts and a Hobley house that we rent out as a holiday let that is run by renewable energy and composting toilets.
    Tasks for volunteers will be varied as is our life on a farm. We have wood work, fencing, feeding, gardening, renovation, maintenance, etc. They will sleep in the caravan during the summer and in the Strawbales in the winter. Both accommodations are comfortable and has everything that you need to an enjoyable stay. They give us their shoping list, we provide it and they cook to their selves.

WhatsApp Number:       +44 779968 1134(Trevor) or
                                          +44 750140 9738(Gleice)


Family of Woofers
Vets at Clun Valley Organic Fam
Building a sheperd huts

Accommodations for the volunteers

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