The beautiful unspoilt countryside of Shropshire is home to Clun Valley Organics(CVO).
It is the inspiration of father and son, Trevor and Paul Wheeler, whose family have been at Brynmawr Farm since Victorian times, starting with Trevor’s great grandfather. In those days farming was automatically done without the use of chemicals. After the 2nd World War chemicals were introduced to increase food production. However, in 1999 Trevor developed a life changing illness, which meant a radical re-think on the whole ethos of modern farming methods using chemicals. The result is a modern, thriving farming business built on organic principles of free range animal husbandry and chemical-free food crops.

Our farm is very dynamic with many opportunities available to people on holiday, schools, hospitals, students, farmers or everyone individually or in groups.

Through care farming we at Brynmawr aim for individuals to realise their full potential, whatever disadvantages life has thrown at them. We believe that engaging with and caring for animals, tending to plants and vegetables and performing simple productive tasks can help an individual to address their emotional, social and educational needs, growing and learning through farm activities.

This applies to all children and adults, whether they have mental health issues, difficulty remaining in a school or other life problems. Older children and adults will also gain from basic work experience and all will develop some practical skills.


We offer: 

Animal husbandry, particularly handling sheep,and caring for the chickens and cattle.Vegetable and fruit production. Preparing for and helping at farmers markets. Simple machine maintenance and tractor driving. 

We aim to provide consistency  and confidence by: Building a positive attitude to learning. Ensuring regular visits. Building confidence and rapport with the same animals. Learning  with regular tasks but adding to them at every visit and be non threatening and non judgemental.

We encourage  users to see the benefits of their efforts, giving confidence and self worth as well as  providing skills and experience.