Brynmawr became organic in 2003 and this has resulted in a farm rich in wildlife, flora and fauna providing a working sustainable living.  We have an over whelming desire:

·         to show what can and should be done to farm for food and the environment together;

·         to use the farm to help children connect with food, farming and the countryside and aid children’s learning in where their food comes from; and

·         to use the huge resource to reinforce learning on the farm site in the school curriculum at all the key larning stages.

Many children benefit and prefer a practical element to their learning. Research has shown that  with practical outdoor activities children (and adults) gain in concentration and learning, confidence, self esteem, self awareness, social skills, communication, movement and coordination amongst many other life skills.


The Farm offers and ideal location for education trips for all ages from short farm tours through to full day sessions with farm tour and activities.

Farm tours can last from 1 to 2 hours and can relate to different areas of the national curriculum or school project. You can visit as many times as you like with tours focussing on different areas.

Activities for school groups include Brynmawr led activity The BALES classroom or designated area on the farm.All our Education activities are designed to extend the national curriculum and based on using the farm and its many different environments. The farm tour is often used as a basis for the activity which is then reinforced in the The Bales classroom.

We have seasonal and special activities where you can come for one visit or several visits throughout the year. We can also device a whole term activity for one session a week. Please contact us for further details.

If the class is large then, to get the most out of the visit, we would recommend that you split the session into two and have one group on the tour and another completing an activity.


The BALES is a sustainable building of straw. It is a perfect place to take a lunch break and make the most of the picnic area. Packed lunches are available on request and are prepared from the very best local produce from the farm and local area. Tea/coffee and ‘pocket money treats’ can also be provided.

The Farm provides a wealth of resources for educational visits which can be tailored to all needs and abilities. Key components of the farm include:

– Rare breed conservation sheep and cattle
– Flower-rich grassland and hay meadows
– Woodlands and streams
– Historic boundaries
– Wetlands and ponds
– Organic vegetables and arable crops
– Farm machinery
– Shropshire Wildlife Site and Shropshire Nature Reserve
– Flowers, birds, bats, butterflies, dragonflies and much much more

We also have a Eco Holiday Cottage which supports renewable energy technology including a wind turbine, solar hot water and conservation building practices using recycled materials, which can provide the basis for further educational activities.

Cars, minibuses and coaches can all be accommodated.

 Health and Safety

Although we can provide advice it is recommended that a group leader visits the farm in order to complete a risk assessment and to discuss the visit in more detail. Teachers Information Pack is available on request.

Special Needs

For more challenged children we can develop special programmes. Please go to Care Farming.


The People

   Trevor and Paul – Run the farm
   CEVAS Accredited
   First Aider
   Accredited Forest School practioners and teachers



   Please contact us by email to discuss booking requirements.